Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Running in the 14th week

Lululemon Run Zoom shorts size 12; Lululemon Run in the Sun LS shirt; Brooks running shoes w/Super Feet Pink inserts; Walt Disney World Goofy Challenge 2011 hat, and I can't remember the name of the Lululemon bra size 10

ok Imagine I'm turned to the right, what you looking at is the view I see when I look down at my shoes (not bending in anyway, just tilting my head down.) This why I feel I have a bump. I normally can see my shoes just fine!

Ok yes I am leaning backwards a bit (I didn't notice that when I took it). Add in the sun hitting my pale skin and making it paler but I think you can see what I see and it's me sucking in. Weight pre-run 191!!! yay!!!!!! Weird I feel like I'm getting bigger yet the scale is going down. I wonder if it's going to catch up with me.

I love this shirt! It's got a long back with frilliness on the butt!


So this was Sunday and I was 13 weeks 3 days. I was running around all weekend but not literally running. When I finally made time I misjudged how hot it was. I finished my usual 3.3 miles at a 16 min pace but oh boy! This run I smartened up and brought my larger amphipod handheld water container but it didn't help. I drank all 20 ounces but it was so humid it didn't make a difference. I still was sooooo happy I did it and I slept really well.


  1. Running! Go you I hardly have any energy to get off the couch! Following from WTE www.wegotthefunk1.com

  2. Thanks! I saw your blog. Love reading it. Can't wait for more!