Sunday, August 19, 2012

Maternity Jeans!

12 Weeks 3 Days

My favorite jeans have always been Long and Leans from Gap never realizing how high waisted they can be! First thing I did was order the maternity Long and Leans. They were great at first but now they are getting baggy in the crotch and butt which is so annoying! So yesterday when I went with my friend to New York City for her wedding dress fitting we went to a maternity store to check out jeans.

First, Belly Dance Maternity is such a cute store! The two gals who were working were really friendly and helpful. Before heading there I had searched online (only briefly) for maternity jean reviews. Parents Magazine had an article online about them which helped immensely! I wasn't sure designer jeans would work for me since they legs always seem so narrow.

They only carry up to a 32 in store. She took 3 off the shelf that she though would work.
* Paige Maternity Skinny Jeans - they looked horrible! Not a surprise. Skinny has never worked for me
* Paige Maternity Westbourne Gavin - I ended up purchasing these and will be going to get them hemmed this week since they are very long; they were almost like stretch pants! The waist fit so I can't imagine going up a size, but the thighs would not have worked had they not been stretchy. They dark fit looked fantastic on my butt though and my friend said they looked great (she is not the type to lie to make me happy)
* J Brand - I wanted these to work but I couldn't get them past my thighs. So sad. I loved the wash and the style.

I am thrilled to wear these!!!! I still want a nice medium or light wash pair but I guess I can wear my Gap jeans for those moments despite how much they irritate me.

weight gain: down to 192 now!
Big day coming up! August 22 NT test

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