Saturday, August 11, 2012

I'm in my 12 Week!!!!!

11weeks 2 days - Sucking in! I can't believe it. My stomach will not suck in more than that!

Weight: 193.2
Symptoms: tired, constipation, bloating, nausea but only when not taking zofran
Cravings: I really want pancakes!!!!
Week 12 is still early so more to come... Went for blood work this week though. They tested all the hormones associated with my thyroid. Apparently with my initial appointment my thyroid was enlarged and the blood work from that showed I might be hypothyroid (no surprise here. I've been telling them that for a while!). I went for more blood work this week to check those same hormones again. My brain is so all over the place that I forgot to ask when I'd get the results and if I was would they treat it. They also did the initial blood work for genetic tests. Steve and I already said we were keeping the baby no matter what but I've always been better emotionally when I could plan ahead.

If I don't hear back from them this week, my next appointment is August 22 (I'll be 13w5d and in my 14th week). At that appointment we are having our NT screening (rumor has it that if you have a boy and he's not shy you can tell at this appointment) and then a follow up immediately after with the doctor. 

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