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Weeks 1-4 My Pregnancy

Since losing my first successful pregnancy I have found a lot of comfort in blogs about pregnancies.  When that test on June 20 turned positive I knew I just had to blog about my pregnancy too. I especially loved reading about mommas who exercised during their pregnancy so it seemed like a perfect fit for me!

Week 1-2

Starting weight: 198

The one of the left is from Utica, NY (technically LMP, May 24) and the one on the right was when I was packing for Houston (June 5.) My basal body temp was really low this month (96.1-97.1 pre ovulation.) That worried me since clomid usually raises my temp and is usually a sign of how things will go for the month. I also use Clear Blue Easy Fertility Monitor (FM) and Clear Blue Digital Ovulation Predictor Tests (OPK). The FM wasn't picking up the High as it usually did and the OPK was not giving any smiley faces either. Going to Houston for a wedding sounded like a great distraction. This wedding needed several wardrobe changes which was not a welcome distraction however. I gained a lot of weight quickly with the short pregnancy I had back in February and my weight was still up at 198. However I found a couple lovely dresses from Boden and a great one for the wedding from JCREW.

Week 3

Weight: 198
Exercise: Ran 3 miles in Galveston (ooh that was hot!!! heat index 104!) and used the hotel gym each day we were their (recumbent bike.)
Symptoms: exhaustion

Days 9-11 Past Ovulation (DPO): negative pregnancy test each day

At 12 DPO... Pregnant!

Ok so this is how it happened... I had a clomid check (that's when you go to the doctor and they do an trans-vaginal ultrasound to check for cysts) later in the afternoon. Woke up at 5am for work and decided what the heck I'll do another test. Peed on my stick (highly recommend and got in the shower. When I got out I almost didn't look... who really wants to start off a day that early with bad news? Apparently I do! However when I glanced down there it was. A + sign clear as day! I took off running upstairs and jumped my poor, helpless, unsuspecting husband and burst into tears. Needless to say I was a couple minutes late for work. 

Fast forward to the afternoon... Dr Matthew Saidel of the Women's Comprehensive Health Care of CT was awaiting me. As always to see him is a wait. So I waited. My urine was dilute so I figured their test would be negative. When he came him he confirmed that suspicion.  Like a neurotic mom to be, I whipped out that phone with the picture I took. He smiled so big and said yes that is clearly a line. He did the ultrasound anyway and he gave me a picture of it. "That's where it will be next time" he said. Dr Saidel finished up with two orders of blood work. One to check my HCG and progesterone and then an HCG follow up. 

Results: 6/20 HCG 74! (not sure how that didn't show up on their test or on mine earlier then; apparently my hormones take a while to enter my urine)
            Progesterone: 42 (fantastic! anything above 16 I think the nurse said is what we want)
Results: 6/22 HCG 154 (good sign; it's at least doubling every 24 hours)

Symptoms: Cramps, exhaustion (like falling asleep while texting), pains in my boobs (think cramps for boobs not the soreness I hear about), and headaches
Weight: 198

woo hoo!!! I'm pregnant!!!!! 
Due Date based on LMP: 2/27/13
Due Date based on bbt chart: 3/1/13

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