Saturday, September 15, 2012

Week 16/17 doctor check up

Doctor's appointment this week.
My stats:
 * weight 193.8 (my home  scale usually matches the office perfectly so I was confused that I was a pound more on theirs)
* BP: 104/72 (yay!)
* Baby's HB: 152-155 (dr said it would get more steady as the baby develops but I don't care)
* Symptoms: occasional pelvic pressure, carpal tunnel hasn't been this bad in 5 years, still have morning sickness
* Dr's response: this pregnancy is probably going to be a tough one from the sounds of things(lol) but he said its a very healthy pregnancy so that's all I care about!
* Was given paperwork for second trimester screening for the second half of what we did a few weeks ago.
* he asked if I wanted to know the gender and marked that on my chart. So excited!!!
* my final question: Can I keep running? A: yes. Ok more involved than that but he talked about perceived rate of exertion which I totally get and like way more than heart rate! He even said I could pick it up if I felt I could

As a result I am planning on completing a few 5k's and the Manchester Road Race this fall and have started an actual plan with my running. I'm following Galloway's 5k for beginners plan. So far so good. I add on walking to whatever is suggested.

I left my appointment as high as a kite!

Pictures and more later!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Half way through week 16

 Sucking in so hard that breathing would never happen
Normal; standing straight, not pushing out but not sucking in
Wearing my wonderful Lululemon Cool Racer Back tank that I bought last Christmas on sale, my new Relaxed Fit Pants from Lululemon and my new sports bra from Lululemon

This pick was taken Wednesday night or Thursday Morning (which was 15 weeks exactly or the start of week 16)

This one below was taken today but by me so it isn't the best one (15w4d)
Please excuse the craziness behind and around me. I am reorganizing the house and everything that doesn't have a home is going in my room to force me to do something with it (donate, store, organize, etc). With barely any time or energy it's a long process.
On me is my Run Swiftly v neck short sleeve Lululemon shirt, Lulu Enegery Bra, and Lululemon shorts (can't remember the name but they are made of luxtreme)

This week in pregnancy.... moody moody moody. I'm trying not to stress but we have so much going on that I can't help it. This week I have accomplished:

* Clearing out anything that isn't baby from the baby room
* Washing everything that I currently have that is baby (including my Once Upon a Child stuff)
* Completed a registry at Target and Amazon (and adjusted it daily.)
* Gave my brother some of our stuff for his awesome new apartment at his new job
*visited dad twice so he and Steve could enjoy football together
*ordered a Naturepedic Bassinet oval mattress (despite accurate measuring I needed to order the next size up, but still need to return the other one)
*ordered new shoes for work (my feet are killing me and I've tripped twice!)
*Downloaded the app for Jeff Galloway's 5k Training program
*Started following the training program

Steve accomplished: 
*putting my blinds up
* began work on opening up the closet in the baby room
* our lawn and house outside no longer looks like a jungle
* then add all the other stuff guys do that doesn't pertain to my check list

Progress photos for week 15!

 Saturday Sept 1

 September 2d w/ Lululemon Astro Crops (part of the waist band is folded down for more support) and Lululemon Scoop Me Up Tank
 Striking a pageant pose
 Sucking in hard core
Relaxed (black really is slimming)

Weight at this point: 191
Symptoms: milder morning sickness (although Sept 1 at night was really bad); still taking Zofran daily but the amount changes and I try to really limit it; other symptom: moodiness. I have no patience for anyone or anything. Final symptom: I'm still exhausted most of the time

Next Appointment 9/13 with a new Dr. but same practice

Visit with a long time friend - Week 15

Isn't this just the cutest thing ever?!
My long time friend Kimberly sent me these. My mom and my sister had given us gifts but this was my first gift from a friend. I use my mug almost every day. It makes it all that much more real.

This is my wonderful friend and  her new baby, Imogen. We were able to meet Imogen September 2 at a party that her Grandpa through for all her friends and family to meet.

(yes that is a Mickey Mouse Dooney & Bourke purse)

At the party Kimberly and her mom had lots of advice on getting good baby stuff for cheap. Her mom lives one town over from me and told me that the Goodwill here in town and Once Upon A Child have fantastic finds.Oh man was she right!
This is just one thing I got (thank you to a family member for buying it)
Eddie Bauer Highchair

We also found a bouncer by Carter, wipes warmer and a travel swing. Wonderful place. I haven't checked out Good Will yet, but I'm sure it will be good too.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Running in the 14th week

Lululemon Run Zoom shorts size 12; Lululemon Run in the Sun LS shirt; Brooks running shoes w/Super Feet Pink inserts; Walt Disney World Goofy Challenge 2011 hat, and I can't remember the name of the Lululemon bra size 10

ok Imagine I'm turned to the right, what you looking at is the view I see when I look down at my shoes (not bending in anyway, just tilting my head down.) This why I feel I have a bump. I normally can see my shoes just fine!

Ok yes I am leaning backwards a bit (I didn't notice that when I took it). Add in the sun hitting my pale skin and making it paler but I think you can see what I see and it's me sucking in. Weight pre-run 191!!! yay!!!!!! Weird I feel like I'm getting bigger yet the scale is going down. I wonder if it's going to catch up with me.

I love this shirt! It's got a long back with frilliness on the butt!


So this was Sunday and I was 13 weeks 3 days. I was running around all weekend but not literally running. When I finally made time I misjudged how hot it was. I finished my usual 3.3 miles at a 16 min pace but oh boy! This run I smartened up and brought my larger amphipod handheld water container but it didn't help. I drank all 20 ounces but it was so humid it didn't make a difference. I still was sooooo happy I did it and I slept really well.

My pictures from my First Trimester

Week 7
Week 5
Week 6
Week 9
Week 12
Week 11

Week 13

3 Weeks 6 days
6 weeks
7 Weeks 6 days
12 Weeks 6 days

 Good bye first trimester!
 Oh and I must add all those photos of me are me sucking in as much as possible!

13th Week.. MY NT SCAN

12 weeks 6 days

My NT scan and blood work was complete at the end of this appointment. Apparently before the scan based on my age alone we had a 1/400 chance of Downs Syndrome. After the exam our chances dropped to 1/8000. Fantastic!

It started a few weeks ago with some finger pricks and then an additional blood test. Then on this day we had an hour long ultrasound. According to the sonographer, some times it can be quick and other times ... well I was one of the other times. In defense of my little one, I had a fantastic sonographer who likes text book pictures for analysis. My little was sooooo active! She joked that we should call the baby flipper. So for purposes of this post, she will be flipper. "Flipper" was flutter kicking (very gracefully; maybe due to watching the olympic swimmers?) and waving at us. When Flipper wasn't waving, tossing turning, and "posing" (think of a model and the subtle changes they do when they pose). That was our little one! Comments we kept hearing were: "you have a very pretty baby" and "your baby is very active for such an early age." All great things I loved hearing! Here are some of the pictures...
 In the one above, you can see the outline of the face and the little one has a hand in front of the mouth but not sucking thumb.
 Ok in this one, "flipper" is waving hi! and preventing a nice view of the face apparently.
 Not sure why this one is on a weird angle (thank you iphone; I took pictures of my US pix with my iphone instead of taking the time to use my scanner); similar photo the one up top but that's when our little one flipped sides.

We received 6 photos in total. One of which was of the heartbeat (164 bpm.) Then we were ushered into the waiting room to wait for the doctor to be ready to see us. First the nurse weighed me (192, down 2lbs from the appointment three weeks before.) Next, the nurse took my blood pressure (a little up for me at 119/82) and then more waiting. This was a new doctor to me.

We discussed my weight loss but that my baby is VERY healthy (she emphasized that) and that the baby was developing beautifully. She asked if I was still sick. I said yes but it was becoming less routine (ie sometimes horrible and other times fine but not on a schedule.) She said based on my weight she would like me to maintain (different from the last three doctors but ok.) She then went on to say she wants me to exercise at least 20 minutes a day. Now this part annoyed me. Not so much that she said it but how she said it. Ok maybe it's hormones but I got the impression she thought I didn't do anything. She doesn't know me and has never met me before so I didn't really take it personally but it made me wonder. The other doctors know I had been doing long distance runs and that I was still running (ok way less now and much shorter since the heat and sickness.) They also knew that I have an active job. I wonder if that made a difference in their recommendations. Overall I have no clue what to expect. If I gain will I get a doctor who cares?

She said if I was of ideal body weight I would absolutely be showing. Since I'm not I probably won't show until 20 weeks according to her. My wonderful husband said no you are definitely showing (but he waited until we left to say this.) After she said that, she added that my placenta is on the outside. This is not a problem, it just means I wont feel my baby when others do and she didn't want me to worry. It will be more like 23 weeks she said. Bummer.

After the appointment, it was lunch time! yay! Off to Chilis!I of course couldn't eat much (not that I wasn't hungry, I jut get full quick.) Well the moment we left the office Steve was ecstatic! He immediately said it was a girl. I was so surprised!!!! First there is no physical evidence yet. Second he was the one adamant that it was a boy but either way we shouldn't say what we think because based on his family it will probably be a boy.
Look how excited he is!

Ok to sum up the 13th week: 
* Morning sickness worse than ever
* keeping up running 3x/week (ok a 15-16 min pace but I'm out there!)
* Weight: 192.1 (down 6lbs from start)
* Fetal HB: 164bpm