Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Summer Running

I know I haven't posted here or on DailyMile, but I've been out there. Here's a little recap...

June: Albion Strawberry Festival 5k
* It was my first race since Disney. No shin pain. Hip pain yes but that's slowly leaving. I wore my fantastic sunblocker LS pink shirt from Lululemon, my Mizunos, and my Run Faster shorts from Lululemon. I didn't run as fast as my 5k's in 2010 but I was VERY proud of my run. It was an average 12:30 pace which considering how much I've been running is very good.

July: Crazy hot and Humid. No races. Very disappointing but I kept up my training. Towards the end we started incorporating plyometric drills one day of the week. I also wore two new shoes this month; Merell Pace Gloves (fantastic in the rain) and Altra shoes (super cute and comfortable). Both of these shoes are considered "natural" running shoes (the gloves more so.) I highly recommend both. I ordered a second pair of the Merell's because they are super cute with shorts. I now have them in black and the brown/yellow. Oh! I lost 5 pounds in July. Yay!

August: Sixteen days in... Running hasn't been good lately. A lot of emotional stuff has been going on. Two weeks ago it was decided that I need to switch stores. I know this will be for the best but so far this has been extremely stressful. Add in the high pollen count for ragweed and high levels of mold in the air and it became a recipe for disaster. As of today I'm taking Pulmicort (none of my current medications are as good as I would like but I switched to category B drugs "just in case" life changes for the good.) Breathing is a necessity that I greatly have missed this past week. To top all of that off, the weather has been severe. When it rains, it's tornado warnings, thunder, lightning... the works. I'm overly cautious which has hindered my running a few days.

BEST NEWS! I got a treadmill!!!!! NordicTrack A2750 Pro
* It weighs a TON (well 35olbs according to the packaging but I'm sticking to a ton)
* Steve and I put it together quite successfully last night and it's soooo quiet
* Next on the list is ordering the iFit live module so that I can run portions of Disney before we go
* I'm canceling my gym membership. I joined thinking I'd use it for more than I do. Part of me still wants to keep it "just in case" I want the pool or bike. The other part of me says if I didn't use it before why would I use it now. We will see. Trainer has definitely been cancelled. I have my coaches (PRSFit) and their training plan.
* I'll keep you posted on my fabulous treadmill

Clothing update: Looking back on this summer these were the items I wore the most
* Tata Tamer - LOVE IT! I've tried other bras this summer just because they came in fun colors but nothing does it as well as the Tamer for running

* Run: Swiftly Tech SS - I have this in four colors and wear them constantly! I like wearing them with shorts, jeans and capris not just for running or working out. This is has been such a hot summer and the shirts are so complimentary. They are soft too. An all around win!

* Run: The Fastest Short - I own all the colors they made (which was only 4). I wear one every day. I wear them even when not working out because they are so cute and comfortable! They flatter my legs and butt (which usually doesn't happen with shorts.) If I only wore them once I would have been upset with the price, but since I can't even clean them fast enough to keep up with the amount I wear them I feel this was a worth while investment. Also looking at the cost for Nike or Underarmour and considering those companies NEVER fit me right or looked good, I will highly recommend these shorts any day.

* Relaxed fit Crop II - so cute! I wear these to the gym or lounging. I have them in 2 colors (navy and black)

* Other worthy mentions... My balega socks saved me from any blisters! Astro crops (lululemon) VERY cute! Don't wear them much now due to the heat but very cute. Whisper Tank: sexy and can be worn casual. Deep V tank is ok. Full Eagle Tank, wore it to the beach several times and just around on hot days.

Wish list... Cool Racer Back Tank, The Silver Bullet tops (LS, tank, and SS), Groove Crops ... All Lululemon of course! I haven't been upset with one purchase from there. Even the two skirts I bought were good (I need a little bigger but they work and still look uber cute.)

Hope this helps you with your running purchases! Next post I will be doing a simple review on my new Garmin.