Sunday, August 19, 2012

Thyroid... hormones... referrals

A week or so ago I went for blood work. It was follow up to my last round to follow my thyroid function. I have thought for a long time that I'm hypothyroid. I won't list all my symptoms but will point out the 73lb weight gain in 4 years despite remaining active and changing my diet.

Over the years I've had counselors and trainers ask me to get my thyroid checked. I would workout a ton and barely eat, yet the weight would come off as if I was making only tiny changes in my life style. Every time it was checked, they said I was fine. I never asked what the TSH # was but the month after I got married I had a physical with a new doctor. Here they send you your blood work before you go in. I didn't know what to look for so I didn't think much of it. That day she said I'm worried about your thyroid. She said by the old standards I was fine but by the new ones I had an under functioning thyroid. Shortly after that I changed my diet and changed the things I used in the house. Anything that may be an endocrine disrupter I got rid of (example wall flowers and plug ins.)

Fast forward 3.5 years... I'm pregnant! The doctor says my thyroid is enlarged and orders blood work. They don't tell me the results but say they want to monitor it. Next appointment was a week or so ago and when I didn't get a call about my results I called. Apparently they weren't sure what to make of it. They went from saying I was hypo to hyper. That led to a referral.

I loved this endocrinologist! He said it looks like based on my history I was hypo but .... pregnancy is correcting it! Woo hoo! When he said that I felt great! He said a thyroid slightly enlarges when pregnant and the elevations in my numbers are also common in pregnancy. He said there might be a lag in my symptoms improving but that I look good now. I agree. He will continue to monitor me throughout the pregnancy and after. I go for more blood work the end of September/mid October and then I go back to meet with him in the beginning of November.

An under or over active thyroid can lead to miscarriages even in the second trimester which is why they still want to follow it. However I'm thrilled that I got  the ok now. I feel  like I can get excited now. YAY!

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