Saturday, August 11, 2012

Week 9 - Zofran!!!!!! The best thing in the world

Week 9
July 19-July 25

Weight: 192 (no change this week but down 6lbs total)
Food aversions: dwindling with the help of zofran; anything with a strong scent is still off limits
Food Cravings: anything easily digestible (sugars, carbs, donuts)

Sucking in 8 weeks 3 days

Sunday I gave in and called the emergency line for my doctor. I spoke with Dr. Graham. Nice guy. Asked me what I have tried ... ginger, etc. I explained I can hardly get enough ice chips. He put in the order for zofran. He said if I didn't drink 2L of liquid by the end of the day I needed to come in for evaluation tomorrow. Well I didn't so in I went. I met a new doctor. I really liked her. The nurse and her took my blood pressure and it was 154/90. I was freaking out. Mine is usually 112/70. I told her that and she got this look like "aha!". She took out a tape measure and measured my arm and then asked my weight and looked at the chart. Next, she took another BP cuff and measured it again. 114/72. Yes! She proceeded to put a BIG note in my chart that they needed to use the big cuff with me. I've always had big arms regardless of my weight so I wasn't surprised. She apologized that no one had noticed this sooner. She also said I seemed in good spirits and that I didn't have any signs that I needed anything extra to get better. I was a little surprised since I had lost 3lbs since my last visit which was only a week ago. I also smile and stay upbeat no matter what (it's practically in my job description.) However I was feeling better since starting the Zofran and it had only been 24 hours. My next appointment was a few weeks away (Aug 7). She asked me after I was hydrated and eating to try to stop taking it and see how it went. I'll go into that later.

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