Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Here I am!

If you've noticed that I went missing, I am back. Just about all exercising was put on hold. Those injuries that I didn't think were much actually took a long time to heal and I'm still easing back into things. Even work became limited.

Now here I am.

Motivation... a faint candle flame. Energy... even smaller. Weight... a roaring fire! So not being able to do much increased my weight by ten pounds. UGH! Add in that everything is now 10lbs harder AND I'm starting all over again... I'm beat.

That however has NOT stopped me from getting on the LULULEMON train. They too put the website on hold temporarily to update it. That at least made me a little happy because I didn't have to see wonderful things and know I couldn't use them.

So now I'm back up and running. Well somewhat. I also got an iphone! Yay! A wonderful app called Daily Burn is now installed and with the help of the scanner function and the other app Meal Snap, I am well on my way to tracking what I eat and making myself healthy.

Other things have been interfering with my motivation but that's for another day. Here's the low down on the coolest stuff I got from Lulu. ...

* Paradise Long Short: It makes my backside look great! Unfortunately it's a little snug on the front but not so much. Great length for me. Wonder what it could look like on someone tall. I had to get the surge color because black was already sold out. Oh well. I have some cute tops from Athleta that I can wear with it if I go to the beach. (size 12)

* Travel Pooch: Love it. I opened my box and thought at first it was way too big and heavy but I used it when we walked the dogs the other day and it fit the iphone and some other goodies just fine

* Studio Crop: Amazing! I wish they were cheaper so I could wear them to work without guilt. They look fantastic on and they fit really well (size 12)

* Turbo Run short: I was worried... I have another pair of these that don't really fit but they changed the style slightly and they worked great. My hubby complimented me instantly in them. (toothpaste size 12)

* Full eagle Tank: I probably should have bought a size smaller but wow! Totally complimentary. Low cut though so if you're at all self conscious about that then this isn't for you. It's luxtreme too so I wouldn't mind wearing it to the beach or a water activity (size 10 coal)

* Run Fastest Short: These are my favorite shorts yet! I wish they came in more colors but they aren't getting as good reviews as the other shorts. However they fit my big thighs nicely, don't ride up , and are light weight. (size 12)

* Do it All Short: These sold out so fast! I'm a size 12 in these. Would have preferred a 14 but they still looked great. Lulu makes pants and shorts to flatter the backside! Casual for hiking or such but I wouldn't care how I wore them. So comfortable and cute!

Those are just some. Obviously you can see how I've spent my time. I will get pictures up soon. Enjoy the spring with some Lululemon style!