Sunday, September 25, 2011

Garmin Forerunner 210 vs 405

My 405 found a new home and is still getting a ton of use. I gave it to my dad who is currently training for his first half marathon. In the mean time I'm loving my new 210.

What I like about it:
* It's lighter
* It's less computer like on my wrist
* Push button instead of bezel
* Easy to use and read

What I miss from my 405:
* It doesn't transmit wirelessly to my computer which means that sometimes I struggle to get it to get it to connect with the computer (don't ask how that happens because I have no clue)
* It doesn't connect with Garmin Training Center on my desk top
* Can't do custom workouts (and if I can I haven't figured it out)

We did notice that we both got slightly different distances when we ran together. I'm thinking mine just picked up the satellite before his did. Overall I'm very happy with my purchase. It doesn't seem to hold a charge as long when not in use but I'll get over that.

And Fall Begins...

Summer was full of possibilities and experiences and this fall I have big plans to actually experience those possibilities. The summer began with the Albion Strawberry Festival 5k and a road trip. It ended with major asthma relegating me to the indoors.

About a month ago I switched to the Brooks Summon and almost instantly my hip pain went away! It still hurts a bit when I run too much but it's amazing!!!! I wear my custom orthotics that I purchased last summer and combine them with these. They are super cute and amazingly comfortable.

In addition to the Brooks shoes, we also purhcased a treadmill! Three reasons why: 1) I couldn't run outside without making my asthma really bad {I'm horribly allergic to ragweed, but I'm also allergic a whole other host of seasonal allergens}; 2) My schedule often made it a pain to get to the gym; 3) I am planning on cancelling my gym membership to save money long term. After reading reviews on and reading Runner's World reviews we settled on NordicTrack A2750 Pro . It's perfect. I especially love the ifit live option. I ran the first 3 miles of the Disney Half Marathon for my midweek run the other day!

So this summer wasn't the best. It started off great but I didn't accomplish much of what I wanted to. Workouts were skipped and all the races that were planned never happened. That is why the actions I took this past August matter so much. I will enjoy this fall and my running again. I hit a hiccup with an ear infection but it's just a blip in the grand scheme of things.

This fall these are the races I plan to do:
* Pumpkin Run
* Wethersfield 10k
* Manchester Road Race
* Blue Back Square Mitten Run

There are a few others that I would like to do but it's still up in the air whether I will be able to do them due to time restraints.

In addition to setting some goal races, I purchases just a few more things from Lululemon.
*Run Full Tilt LS (Heathered Ghost but it's like a cream color)
*Run Weightless Skirt (Dewberry)
* Slipless Headband (black)

All three are amazing! I wear the headband working out AND at work. It's perfect! The shirt is beautiful and soft. I feel almost guilty sweating in it. The website's pictures don't do it justice. It's flattering and very pretty (the extra ruffling details make it a little more feminine.) The skirt fits!!! I normally wear a 12 or 14 in their shorts while the skirts only go up to size 10. I've tried the skirts before but they usually don't fit. This one fits and is cute. Pair the dewberry with the creamy color of my LS and it was an adorable outfit. It was low 60's on our run and not sunny. Perfect level of clothing for me. I ran that run with my dad and we averaged about a 14 min mile pace. I did carry Body Glide for women and needed it once but that was all.

So now fall begins. Steve's hard at work on Hal Higdon's intermediate marathon running plan. I'm a little behind but following Jeff Galloway's Run Disney Goofy plan and my dad is running with me even though he's training for the Walt Disney World Half marathon. Fun stuff this fall. I'm excited at the convenience of my treadmill and the cuteness of my clothes.

Happy Fall 2011!