Saturday, August 11, 2012

Week 5 - Quite An emotional week!

Week 5 (June 21-27)

Oh this was quite the week!

Weight: 197
Symptoms: hyper emotional, exhaustion, cramps!!!!!
Food Aversions: none yet
Food Cravings: none yet

Monday Morning I was exhausted, peeing constantly, and crampy. Tuesday morning I wasn't tired... weird... no cramps... also weird... Slept the entire night and then slept through Wednesday night. Woke up at 4am to severe cramps. Think of your first couple days of your period. Painful! Needless to say I started freaking out. Around 6 I gave in and took a pregnancy test. Error. Are you kidding me? I've never had an error! Freak out commenced!

I started crying. The cramps were so bad and did I mention I had a nightmare that I lost this pregnancy? Add in the test giving an error? Yes I was freaking out! Finally around 9:30am I gave in and called the doctor. Around noon I started playing phone tag with this wonderful nurse. She calmed me down saying we wouldn't be able to do anything now anyway. She also said symptoms can come and go. Great. Just Great. I couldn't stop crying. I had already scheduled my next appointment for the following Thursday (6 weeks exactly by my BBT chart) which is the earliest they could see anything on ultrasound anyway. She said if I start bleeding call back but there was nothing I could do. Joy.

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