Friday, December 10, 2010

Mentally spent...

Pain... At this very second I have none. However that may be due to the awesome taping job done thanks to my mother in law. Possible problem - Posterior Tib Sydr. or stress fracture. Yesterday was supposed to be a test run with the taping. Unfortunately I have been devoid of energy for the last week (I've never missed my alarm and I've missed it 3 times in one week!) I improvised and did some abs and the elliptical. Home elliptical seems to be harder than the gym one so I did feel a little pulling.

So here's the deal... On my Thursday run about a week ago things didn't feel good. More importantly my left leg didn't feel good. I thought it was just from being the first cold midweek run and a few more hills, so I ignored it. My next run was Saturday (12 1/2 miles) and everything felt a little tight but didn't have a problem during the run. When I finished I was limping. I figured it was just because I was worn out and it'd go away. Well.... Sunday came and it was still painful. Monday I skipped the gym. Tuesday I ran but didn't want to. Went out anyway because I was sure it was just a mental issue I had to get past. Wednesday I woke up and it really hurt. Went to the gym and did the elliptical (where it didn't bother me until I got off the machine.) Ok that meant a message to my mother in law for some taping advice. Wednesday after work off I went to her office. After some analysis they came to the above conclusion... I was and am really upset. Thursday as I said I didn't run. It didn't hurt to walk at work yesterday and doesn't hurt today. Woo hoo! I've been doing my massaging and stretching and a tiny big of strengthening. Tonight I'm off to see my physical therapist that I bought my orthotics from. MAYBE I'll do his laser treatment to help with inflammation and healing. We'll see!!!

Next post will have an update... it will also have an update on the weight loss journey with a little history of weight loss and health.

Lululemon Update!

I have officially figured out which shirt Gus was wearing in Psych...

Achieve Tech Short Sleeve - Wolf Grey


As for myself... To the right is a picture from the Manchester Road Race. A 4.79 mile run with 15,000 registered runners. Who knows how many really ran since this race is notorious for it's unregistered runners.

I'm wearing my Lululemon Run: Inspire jacket in Lolo purple (perfect for viewing my husband's Garmin), Lululemon Run: Inspire tights (I kept pocket warmers in the pockets of my tights. Forgot they were there but when I went to take them out I was so cold so they stayed in.) For ear warmers I had my Athleta Head band on and under my jacket I had a long sleeve shirt on (can't remember which one but was probably my Athleta one). To keep warm before the race, my windbreaker pants were the Lululemon Community pant in size 12 (currently in the "We Made Too Much" section of the website) I love them because they have drawstrings on the bottom of the pants so they were the right length for me.

Finally, it has dropped to the 20F's around here. I get cold easily, especially I because I'm a slow runner and even slower walker. Last run my clothing consisted of Lululemon thermal tights, UnderArmour Cold Gear top, Lululemon Alpine Pullover, and last minute addition was my brother's thermal cotton long sleeve t-shirt, all under my Lululemon Run Inspire jacket. Very windy so I regretted not having a wind pant over my tights but other than that I felt good. The Pullover has the BEST hood! It fits my head snugly and allows for my pony tail to peak out the back. Next long run I will be switching to my Athleta soft shell jacket but will most likely wear my UA Cold Gear top w/ the Alpine Pullover. Depending on wind I may wear the Outward Bound tight.

That's the update for now!