Saturday, August 11, 2012

Week 7 - Morning Sickness

Week 7
July 5-July 11

So Pregnancy math is quite confusing... July 11 is the day I literally am 7 weeks. Just want to put that out there. These two shots were taken between 7/5-7/11

Weight (scale at home VERY accurate; always matches all dr's offices): 194 (4 lb loss)
Food Aversion: Everything
Foods I can tolerate: preggie pop drops, frozen lemonade, pedialyte frozen pops, PLAIN eggo waffles, PLAIN McDonald's pancakes
Most upsetting cravings: McDonald's Hamburger (yeah a couple nights this is all I wanted; As a vegetarian and wanna be vegan this really bothered me but I was so hungry and couldn't keep anything down so I ate it; still regret it)
Symptoms: itchy skin, nausea, dry heaves/ morning sickness/ gagging, major food aversions, yeast infection (oh fun), hair loss (on head), hair growth (everywhere else), exhaustion, bloating, gas, indigestion, heart burn... I'm sure I'm forgetting something but those are the biggies

That pretty much sums up that week. I couldn't walk Nora, clean the house, showering was tough... don't even get me started on work. I was probably the worst employee ever. I was a horrible miserable experience. I wanted so desperately to eat well for baby B and to exercise for myself and Baby B but it wasn't happening.

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