Friday, December 10, 2010

Mentally spent...

Pain... At this very second I have none. However that may be due to the awesome taping job done thanks to my mother in law. Possible problem - Posterior Tib Sydr. or stress fracture. Yesterday was supposed to be a test run with the taping. Unfortunately I have been devoid of energy for the last week (I've never missed my alarm and I've missed it 3 times in one week!) I improvised and did some abs and the elliptical. Home elliptical seems to be harder than the gym one so I did feel a little pulling.

So here's the deal... On my Thursday run about a week ago things didn't feel good. More importantly my left leg didn't feel good. I thought it was just from being the first cold midweek run and a few more hills, so I ignored it. My next run was Saturday (12 1/2 miles) and everything felt a little tight but didn't have a problem during the run. When I finished I was limping. I figured it was just because I was worn out and it'd go away. Well.... Sunday came and it was still painful. Monday I skipped the gym. Tuesday I ran but didn't want to. Went out anyway because I was sure it was just a mental issue I had to get past. Wednesday I woke up and it really hurt. Went to the gym and did the elliptical (where it didn't bother me until I got off the machine.) Ok that meant a message to my mother in law for some taping advice. Wednesday after work off I went to her office. After some analysis they came to the above conclusion... I was and am really upset. Thursday as I said I didn't run. It didn't hurt to walk at work yesterday and doesn't hurt today. Woo hoo! I've been doing my massaging and stretching and a tiny big of strengthening. Tonight I'm off to see my physical therapist that I bought my orthotics from. MAYBE I'll do his laser treatment to help with inflammation and healing. We'll see!!!

Next post will have an update... it will also have an update on the weight loss journey with a little history of weight loss and health.

Lululemon Update!

I have officially figured out which shirt Gus was wearing in Psych...

Achieve Tech Short Sleeve - Wolf Grey


As for myself... To the right is a picture from the Manchester Road Race. A 4.79 mile run with 15,000 registered runners. Who knows how many really ran since this race is notorious for it's unregistered runners.

I'm wearing my Lululemon Run: Inspire jacket in Lolo purple (perfect for viewing my husband's Garmin), Lululemon Run: Inspire tights (I kept pocket warmers in the pockets of my tights. Forgot they were there but when I went to take them out I was so cold so they stayed in.) For ear warmers I had my Athleta Head band on and under my jacket I had a long sleeve shirt on (can't remember which one but was probably my Athleta one). To keep warm before the race, my windbreaker pants were the Lululemon Community pant in size 12 (currently in the "We Made Too Much" section of the website) I love them because they have drawstrings on the bottom of the pants so they were the right length for me.

Finally, it has dropped to the 20F's around here. I get cold easily, especially I because I'm a slow runner and even slower walker. Last run my clothing consisted of Lululemon thermal tights, UnderArmour Cold Gear top, Lululemon Alpine Pullover, and last minute addition was my brother's thermal cotton long sleeve t-shirt, all under my Lululemon Run Inspire jacket. Very windy so I regretted not having a wind pant over my tights but other than that I felt good. The Pullover has the BEST hood! It fits my head snugly and allows for my pony tail to peak out the back. Next long run I will be switching to my Athleta soft shell jacket but will most likely wear my UA Cold Gear top w/ the Alpine Pullover. Depending on wind I may wear the Outward Bound tight.

That's the update for now!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Count Down to Disney...

69 Days!!!! AHHHHH!!!


The count down has been on for quite some time, but last night with 70 days to go I started organizing and packing. Yes I did. My husband laughed. Disney really makes me happy. Checking the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend website has become a daily habit of mine. Seeing the percentages rising and close to full is so exciting!

So here's my current check list:
  • Flu shot - check!
  • extra running shoes - partial check!
  • packing list - check!
  • camera - check! (ran into problems this past October when I couldn't find the charger
  • Training plan - partial check!
  • Disney dining reservations made - double check!
Every day when I start to think about my upcoming trip, the idea that I'm doing the Goofy Challenge becomes a little more real. This wasn't something I felt I was ready for when I signed up (and I'm still not sure if I'm ready now), but I'm going to do it and I'm going to enjoy it.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

My Lululemon obsession...

Throughout my time exercising, I've always loved cute exercise clothes. In high school I often went to the Speedo store. Then I discovered TJ Maxx and Marshalls also had cute stuff from companies like Crunch Fitness and others. Back then my sports were crew, cheer leading, golf and most importantly ice hockey. All of these didn't require much. Then again, back then did I really know anything about "moisture wicking" or "uv protectant"?

About five years ago I trained for a pageant and didn't focus much on "cute" clothes for exercising. If it was comfortable I wore it. Old bras and school t-shirts worked for me. Gap was my "go to" for pants and shorts.

These days I've become way pickier. About two years ago when I decided to train for a marathon, cute was again the focus but function was a high priority. However this time I had a complication, being at the heaviest I've ever been was a huge challenge. I'm only 5'2.75" which means petites work best for length, but don't work well for width. For my weight my torso is way smaller than my arms and thighs which also proves to be a challenge.

My two sister in laws have benefited much from this journey. Here is the run down on the good and not so good...
* Nike Pro clothes are amazing. Yes, I some times pick the men's shirts, but the material is so soft and the seams are so nice that even if they are snug they work well.
*Aerie: cute and semi functional (good for gym only); seams in wrong places (and not flat seam), no gusseted crotch (never realized how important that was), tags, thick material, not a good length for my height
* Gap body: similar to Aerie; pills easily, stretches out well, does not dry quickly (cute though and comes in lengths)
* Underarmour: just isn't big enough (wear anyway because haven't found good cold weather gear)
* Champion: functional enough but isn't as cute as competitors out there
* Athleta: runs small but very very functional AND cute! Only tried 2 pairs of pants, one didn't have a drawstring so kept falling down and the other was awesome for cold weather; underwear too small; it looks like they've changed their pants a lot though because the one that didn't have the drawstring has a slightly different name now and a drawstring and pockets. (might need to check them out again for winter)
* EMS: underwear rocks. shirts aren't smooth enough for my liking. never tried pants
* Lucy: the high impact bra that I bought had a flat seam in the middle of each bra cup (can't believe I didn't notice that before it caused a problem!); the clothes are very soft and VERY fashionable. The tops had the same issue as the Lulu tops in that my proportions need a smaller size to look normal but then they'd be too tight in the wrong places. I love Lucy for the extras and gym clothes (I got a great hand towel made out of microfiber with an elastic that snaps closed. Great for attaching to my spin bike. Also got a very cute old fashioned ice bag)

And now for the best of them all!!!!!! LULULEMON! woo hoo! It all started with Bikram yoga. Another woman was wearing the "Scoop Neck Tank" and I thought it was the cutest thing. So I searched the symbol on the internet and found Lulu. I began trying things. I used to be able to wear moderate support bras when I was smaller (used to be a 32A, now a 36B/34C) so I started with the Y Flow bra and another bra they don't have any more. Both didn't offer enough support but were comfortable enough that I continued my search.

This summer I stumbled across the "All Sport Bra" and the "Ta Ta Tamer". The "All Sport Bra" was amazing! It sold out before I could order another. Recently I tried the "Ta Ta Tamer" and wow! Wore it on an 18 mile run (4 1/2 hrs) and NO CHAFING! Yes you read that correctly. Felt amazing! AND I looked good too! No uniboob.

As for pants and shirts...
**Run Zoom Long shorts - took me 4 pairs but now I understand sizing. I was a 12 in the sweatpants so I assumed that's what I would be. I suffered with the falling down (despite the awesome continuous drawstring) and saggy crotch. Now I realize with the amazing fabric "luxtreme" I need an 8.
** Run Zoom Crops - same deal as the shorts. They dry VERY quickly, have a back zippered pocket, and gel pockets in the front (all same features of the awesome shorts)
** Run Inspire Crop - Wow! Same features as the other Run Zooms only longer. Same material too. Haven't tried shorts or pants in the Luon yet. Wore these on the 18 miler and not 1 problem! Nike and Underarmour require lots of Body Glide in seamed regions
** Run Blocker Pull Over - FANTASTIC! So much so that when it sold out on line I went to Ebay to buy another. It feels like silk on your skin. I wore it in our crazy humidity and heat days this summer and was rewarded. Dries quickly, protects from sun, and when gets sweaty it feels like someone put a nice cool rag on your skin. Looks really cute too.

Now... I'm experimenting with the Define jacket (which I saw on "Hellcats", "Covert Affairs", and "Melissa & Joey" and I saw it on the girl at the gym.) the 10 had lots of extra room in the shoulders, chest waist, etc but arms were tight. I ordered an 8 in another color, so we'll see how it goes.

I see Lululemon EVERYWHERE now! I saw it on people all throughout Disney World in October. I've seen it on tv shows (not just the ones mentioned, shows like "Fringe" had it too.) One of the nice things about it, is that you need to know it to recognize it. The symbol is tiny and usually in the back and the design of the women's tops generally have a special style to it that you'll come to recognize. So fantastic to see it and know that I'm already obsessed with it.

Ooh! Did I mention the luscious bag I bought from there recently?

Saturday, October 16, 2010

My Disney's Wine & Dine Half Marathon

The Wine and Dine is complete! Here's a basic run down...
*Thursday we arrived and hit the parks (must make every moment count with Disney)
*Friday - off to Universal Studios Islands of Adventure (Harry Potter, need I say more?)
*Friday night - Expo
* Saturday - Race Day
** Parks - early entry Disney Hollywood Studios/ then off to Magic Kingdom
** Back to expo to get the jacket that I loved but was unsure of (it's 4pm at this point and I'm exhausted
** 6 pm we're back in the room... 4 hours until start
** 7:30pm on line for bus to race start
** 9:20 pm in corral C
At this point, I'm exhausted and my feet are killing me but I'm so excited. My eyes are drooping because sadly enough this has been my bed time for the last few weeks due to morning staffing issues. The goal of this race was to enjoy it with my friend. I wanted to have fun and really pay attention to all the details. And so I did. We ran slow but we stopped at every mile stop to take a picture (it was her first half marathon and she did amazing!)

Character stops still didn't happen. I wanted to but we were a team so on we went. 3:02 was the finish time. I experienced much more chafing than usual and some pains in my ankle that I've never felt before. I also was ready to fall asleep on the concrete when we finished. Next time I'll do early entry hours but go home after that.

Now I'm home. I've been running my 3 runs a week for the last two weeks. Today is another long run day (that's my favorite part of the training.) Personal training has started back up and I managed to get to spin. Still no weight loss. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. I'm eating better than I've ever eaten before, yet nothing. Still 63 pounds over weight by clinical standards and 43 by my standards.

I'm frustrated. I don't want to give up mostly because I love doing races, but I do want to give up on losing weight. It makes me sad when I step on the scale. I've never liked veggies but I'm eating them to make myself healthier. I'm going for a physical this fall and we'll see what the blood work is compared to a few years ago. Maybe that will help with the motivation.

I continue to run. Well run/walk. When I run without walking things start hurting (and not in the exercise is good for you way.) I miss just running. I can't wait until I can do that again without pain. In the mean time I have friends through Daily Mile who continue to inspire me and family to endure running slow and long (my wonderful husband who can complete a half in 2 hrs runs my 3 hr pace.)

“Around here, however, we don’t look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things… and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.”
–Walt Disney

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Beginning anew

(2005, 2008, 2009, Spring 2010, June 2010)
Starting back up...
This past winter and spring were a test. A test to see if I could stick with it. I passed but barely. Bronchitis plagued me for the early stages, but I started back up. Next came shin splints (so bad that it hurt to do lunges and squats), but I kept going. Finally I attempted to do the Vermont Key City Relay with my husband where my asthma hit a new high and my shin splints continued.

Where does this bring me? The desire to do well on the Goofy Challenge and the desire to continue doing races was still there, a tiny burning flame. Asthma medication is upped. Custom orthotics have been ordered and broken in. Running has begun ... again.

I'm tired of being sick, tired and injured. It has killed most of my motivation and energy. Ultimately though, Disney still shines (dimly but still shines.) Sometime this past winter I was actually up to continuously running 8 miles and I had shaved time off my 5k and 10k. Unfortunately all of that's gone. In addition, I'm a good 40 pounds heavier than I was 4 years ago. So I've created a plan. I've combined a few different running plans. It's not finished yet but it's a plan. I have also changed my diet drastically. I've become a vegetarian with aspirations of being vegan/ strict vegetarian.

Well that's it. I'm going to use this blog for a way to voice it all. A way to document it. I need an outlet. Maybe this will work. We'll see where it goes.