Saturday, September 15, 2012

Week 16/17 doctor check up

Doctor's appointment this week.
My stats:
 * weight 193.8 (my home  scale usually matches the office perfectly so I was confused that I was a pound more on theirs)
* BP: 104/72 (yay!)
* Baby's HB: 152-155 (dr said it would get more steady as the baby develops but I don't care)
* Symptoms: occasional pelvic pressure, carpal tunnel hasn't been this bad in 5 years, still have morning sickness
* Dr's response: this pregnancy is probably going to be a tough one from the sounds of things(lol) but he said its a very healthy pregnancy so that's all I care about!
* Was given paperwork for second trimester screening for the second half of what we did a few weeks ago.
* he asked if I wanted to know the gender and marked that on my chart. So excited!!!
* my final question: Can I keep running? A: yes. Ok more involved than that but he talked about perceived rate of exertion which I totally get and like way more than heart rate! He even said I could pick it up if I felt I could

As a result I am planning on completing a few 5k's and the Manchester Road Race this fall and have started an actual plan with my running. I'm following Galloway's 5k for beginners plan. So far so good. I add on walking to whatever is suggested.

I left my appointment as high as a kite!

Pictures and more later!

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