Monday, September 10, 2012

Half way through week 16

 Sucking in so hard that breathing would never happen
Normal; standing straight, not pushing out but not sucking in
Wearing my wonderful Lululemon Cool Racer Back tank that I bought last Christmas on sale, my new Relaxed Fit Pants from Lululemon and my new sports bra from Lululemon

This pick was taken Wednesday night or Thursday Morning (which was 15 weeks exactly or the start of week 16)

This one below was taken today but by me so it isn't the best one (15w4d)
Please excuse the craziness behind and around me. I am reorganizing the house and everything that doesn't have a home is going in my room to force me to do something with it (donate, store, organize, etc). With barely any time or energy it's a long process.
On me is my Run Swiftly v neck short sleeve Lululemon shirt, Lulu Enegery Bra, and Lululemon shorts (can't remember the name but they are made of luxtreme)

This week in pregnancy.... moody moody moody. I'm trying not to stress but we have so much going on that I can't help it. This week I have accomplished:

* Clearing out anything that isn't baby from the baby room
* Washing everything that I currently have that is baby (including my Once Upon a Child stuff)
* Completed a registry at Target and Amazon (and adjusted it daily.)
* Gave my brother some of our stuff for his awesome new apartment at his new job
*visited dad twice so he and Steve could enjoy football together
*ordered a Naturepedic Bassinet oval mattress (despite accurate measuring I needed to order the next size up, but still need to return the other one)
*ordered new shoes for work (my feet are killing me and I've tripped twice!)
*Downloaded the app for Jeff Galloway's 5k Training program
*Started following the training program

Steve accomplished: 
*putting my blinds up
* began work on opening up the closet in the baby room
* our lawn and house outside no longer looks like a jungle
* then add all the other stuff guys do that doesn't pertain to my check list

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